The purpose of this project is to bring on a corpus platform which can be formalised depending on the research questiones of the language/linguistics researchers working on Turkish language and which is specific to the researcher, which is flexible and easily accessible, database-supported and within this scope, where the research questiones can be reported properly.

In this sense, the primary goal of the project is to enable the researchers to carry out their projects properly based on the research questions by going beyond of the stabile structure of the text processing/corpus softwares. Current packaged softwares, as it is known, are developed for western languages and they have data processing and reporting features specific to those languages. The biggest drawback of the mentioned softwares which can be used relatively for Turkish is that including the languages they are developed in, they can not store the processed datas and reported properly according to the research questions. DIYCP primarily aim to make up this deficiency.

Turkish is an agglutinative language due to its structure and it has different rules than the other languages. This makes it difficult to work Turkish on those text processing/corpus softwares. Especially the morphological analysis tools don’t work for Turkish on those packaged softwares. Another aim of the project is to develop a corpus and data proccessing platform specified for Turkish.

Another aim is to increase the competitiveness of Turkish in corpus linguistics implementation field. Through the text processing/corpus package softwares developed for western languages it is unlikely to create this competitiveness. In this context, to provide an important basis which will increase the quality and quantity in the studies that linguists carry out on Turkish can be regarded as another purpose.

As it is mentioned, current text processing/corpus package softwares are effectual for stabile data producing. But each research embodies a number of specific data processing and reporting features based on research questions. In this context, to enable the researchers to process data and report according to their research questions is another objective of DIYCP.

On the other hand the packaged softwares are not user-friendl at all. In fact, it is really time-consuming to learn how to use these softwares and it requires a particular software information. However it is possible to create a user-friendly corpus platform by using simple interface designs through browsers. In this context another objective of the project is to develop a user-friendly corpus platform.

All these objectives have been experienced and analysed by the project team at some levels in various corpus projects. By means of the proposed project, all the information obtained from previous projects will be available to all researchers through an integrated system. It is possible to say that considering the experiences of the project team on corpus formation and data processing so far, mentioned objectives are clear, realistic, accessible.

On the other hand day by day corpus based studies carried out on Turkish language have been increased in numbers. Thereby considering in this context, each project team develop corpus again as part of their own research questions and this increase the research costs. Such a flexible, user-friendly corpus platform introduced by this project and formatted according to the research questions, reported properly will be able to minimize time and cost wasting in the mentioned researches.

This project is supported within the scope of TUBITAK 1005 – National New Ideas and Products Research Support Program
Project No:114E791